Welcome to the Tibetan KyiApso Registry Information Site!  This site is dedicated to all the Tibetan KyiApsos who have passed through this life as well as to those who continue to share their love and loyalty with their human families. The TK Registry is about preserving the history and collected knowledge of the breed and information about the Tibetan KyiApso, the rarest Tibetan canine breed.

*The Dajchen-TKC E-Mail List is no longer online.  The Tibetan KyiApso Club, Inc. has been discontinued and the KyiApso News!  the TKC newsletter has been retired.

The sire of the breed's foundation stock in the Western World was standing vigil at the entrance to the monastery at the foot of Mount Kailash, the sacred mountain in western Tibet and one this sire stood for many, many years until his passing.

The Tibetan KyiApso Registry is a non-profit organization established to maintain the official records of the Tibetan KyiApso breed.  The TK Registry's purpose is to protect, preserve and promote the KyiApso.

The Tibetan KyiApso Registry and Stud Book are under the supervision of the Tibetan KyiApso Registration Committee.  The TKRC members are:

   Daniel Taylor
First President, Editor and founder of the Tibetan KyiApso Club and founder of the breed in the Western World and TKC Breeder's Committee Member

   Diana Quinn
TK Registrar, past Tibetan KyiApso Club Breeders Committee Chair, Health Director and current TKR Registrar (1203 E. Capital Street SE, Washington DC 20003)

   Judd Anderson
Past TKC Registrar and member of the TKC Breeders Committee.

   Saralouise Anderson
Past TKC President, Vice-President, Registrar, Editor, Secretary, Treasurer and Breeder's Committee Member.

For information on how to apply for registration to the Tibetan KyiApso Registry and Stud Book, please contact Diana Quinn at the address above. Here are some other places where you can find information about the Tibetan KyiApso:

Tibetan KyiApso Club page
Tibetan KyiApso breed standard
Tibetan KyiApso Web Page - (Diana Quinn, Washington, D.C.)

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Check this site for any updates on the series of KMK: By Invitation Only a series of 6 books told in story format about the rare Tibetan KyiApsos.

This site is privately sponsored and financially supported by Judd and Saralouise Anderson.

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If you would like your TK's name listed on the Honor Roll Call, please contact Diana Quinn or Daniel Taylor. Links to photos will be added.

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